Success Stories

Success Stories

Got success stories? Share them!

The Office of Academic Assessment is on the lookout for success stories in assessment.

From time to time, you likely encounter experiences in your department, college, or school where you have used assessment results to enhance student learning and strengthen your programs. Perhaps you have a unique assessment plan that really gets to the heart of your student learning outcomes. Perhaps it was a particular assessment method you used that helped gather and organize that information a little clearer. Perhaps it was the way you reviewed or analyzed the data that helped you see trends or particular skills in which students were strong or weak. Perhaps it was the way you used the results that really made a difference in student learning and support. We encourage you to share those experiences with the UVU community via this website.

Simply fill out the form below and type, paste, or attach your brief story. We will then contact you regarding inclusion of your story on the website.

Thanks for all you do with assessment.


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