Lab Hours

UVU Art & Design Labs are open during Fall 2021. See below for more details about COVID-19, remote lab access and UVU student computing open computer labs.

Please check the Return to Campus site for current status of UVU's COVID-19 level status.

For current UVU campus lab open hours and information check

For Library hours check for UVU library services available.

To remotely access UVU open lab computers with Adobe software use this link for instructions and downloads:

To access virtual lab computers with adobe software, download the Citrix Workspace App from this link: Once installed, use this: for the address and sign in using your UVUID# and password. For more information about Off-campus access and remote access into campus use this link:



GT 334

Open lab hours

(Closed for summer)

GT 511e

Open lab hours

(Closed for summer)

GT 511g

Open lab hours

(Closed for summer)



GT 516c (A&D Print Lab)

Open lab hours

M-W  1p - 5p
T-Th  1p - 5p
F  Closed

GT 537

Open lab hours

M-W 1p - 5p
T-Th 1p - 5p

GT 539

Open lab hours

(Closed for summer)

GT 543

Open lab hours

M-W 1p - 5p
T-Th 1p - 5p



Adobe tutors available:

(Not available for summer semester)

For more information about Adobe tutors, ask in Art & Design print lab, gt516c.


UVU Student computing is a great resources for students to gain Mac & PC computer access with the Adobe software. UVU Student Computing information.

Art & Design Labs Closure Dates:

  • May 30 - Memorial day
  • June 18 - Juneteenth
  • July 4 - Independence day
  • July 25 - Pioneer day
  • All Art & Design computer labs and print lab will close at 3p on Thursday August 11 for Summer semester and will not reopen until Fall 2022.

These dates are based off of the: Summer 2022 UVU Academic Calendar

*hours are subject to change without notice.


Window Mat Cutting for students is available by appointment.


Window Mat Cuts are available by appointment. Window cuts cost $1.00 per window. Mat boards need to be cut down to their outer dimensions and students will need to know the dimensions of their window sizes that they need cut prior to appointment. Here is a pdf file that can be used to fill in the width and heigth of the mat boards and window cuts: matboard window cut template.

For window mat cutting appointments, please contact Phil Ah You via this link: Message Phil or you can find his contact info from this link: Phil Ah You's UVU professional page.


A&D Lab Software

current Lab Software

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Cinema 4D (students can purchase subscription via
  • ZBrush
  • Microsoft Office

Adobe Software Info

To access student Adobe software use this page:


Lab Rules


  • No food or drink in the labs (water is a drink).
  • Lab use is for currently enrolled A&D students and for A&D course/project use only.
  • No children in labs or hallways (with or without adult supervision).
  • Use headphones when your course projects involve noise/sound.
  • Store your files on removable media NOT on lab devices.
  • Please Log Out or Shut Down your computer when you are through.

Internet Use

  • Do not misuse the internet.
  • No non-related A&D project-related internet use. No computer games, use of peer-to-peer networks, Torent or other media content downloads, and no personal social networking.
  • No copying of software (onto, or off of computers).

Lab Use During Courses

  • Use only during class time if you are currently enrolled in the course being taught.
  • Use devices only for direct in-class activities and only with instructor approval.

Art & Design print lab information (GT 516c)

  • Accepts credit cards and Debit Cards only (no cash or checks).
  • UVU Print Credits can be used only for letter sized black & white.
  • Print and save work 15 minutes prior to labs closing.

A&D Computer Lab Mission and Objectives

Printing of specialized substrates such as labels and transparencies must have manufacture box and be approved by lab manager.

All printing must be paid for with debit or credit card, (no cash accepted).

Ink-jet prints must be paid for prior to printing.

The Art Print lab is intended to support art students and Art & Design projects. The Lab manager, area coordinator, and department chair must approve printing projects that are in question. (Faculty shows, event posters, and print for promoting the department)

All department printing must have an approval form signed by Lab Manager, Area Coordinator, and Department Chair, as well as an approved banner number.

Faculty and staff personal work must either be approved by Department Chair for faculty development funds or paid for with credit/debit card.

No drop of printing, except for the Epson P7000. All Files must be print ready.

The Lab does not provide for color correction and color adjustment. Test prints are recommended for ink-jet printers.


A&D Print Lab Location & Contact

The A&D Print Lab is currently located in GT516c.

Phone: 801 863-6930

Lab Print Pricing

Laser Print Pricing

28lb laser paper = 16¢

8.5 x 11 = 25¢        2 sided = 45¢

11 x 17 = 35¢        2 sided = 65¢

Card Stock = 28¢

8.5 x 11 = 40¢        2 sided = 60¢

11 x 17 = 50¢        2 sided = 80¢

12 x 18 = 55¢        2 sided = 85¢


8.5 x 11 = $1.00

11 x 17 = $2.00

Photo Sleeve

8.5 x 11 = 25¢

11 x 14 = 35¢

13 x 19 = 45¢

16 x 20 = 65¢

Ink Jet Print Pricing

LASAL Luster/Matte = 4¢ Per square inch

Entrada/Satine = 41/2¢ Per square inch

Ink Only = 3¢ Per square inch

Plotter Epson Matte= 21/2¢ Per square inch

Precalculated Costs by Size

5 x 7 = $2.05 (Lab paper) or $1.05 (Ink only)

6 x 9 = $2.62 (Lab paper) or $1.62 (Ink only)

8 x 10 = $3.20 (Lab paper) or $2.40 (Ink only)

11 x 17 = $7.48 (Lab paper) or $5.61 (Ink only)

12 x 18 = $8.64 (Lab paper) or $6.48 (Ink only)

13 x 19 = $9.80 (Lab paper) or $7.41 (Ink only)

16 x 20 = $12.80 (Lab paper) or $9.60 (Ink only)

Test Prints        2"x2" @ $.20 ea

Coil Binding

Coilbinding = $2.00

Metal Foil

Metal foil = .50¢ Per square inch + plus laser print cost.

Vinyl Cutting

50¢ Per inch

Blank PHOTO Paper Pricing

8.5 x 11 = $1.00        13 x 19 = $1.90

8.5 x 11 = $1.60        13 x 19 = $3.20

EZ Mount
12 x 24 = $1.00

Mat Board Pricing

16 x 20 = $3.50        32 x 40 = $10.50

16 x 20 = $5.00      

16 x 20 = $4.20        32 x 40 = $15.00

Hinging Tape
16" = 70¢ 

Full square (8) = $2.00  
half square (4) = $1.00

window Mat cuts
(By appointment only)
$1.00 per window cut