An illustrator develops the ability and skill to solve visual problems, create expressive ideas and infuse visual voice upon complex stories. UVU’s Illustration program helps students develop through diligent effort, skills based in traditional figurative realism that inform imaginative conceptualization and storytelling. Mastery of tools and artistic vernacular allow for freedom of expression and clarity of concept. Student ideas are most effectively realized by coupling traditional media and skills with new media and technology.

The BFA in Illustration is a professional degree in which internationally recognized artists prepare students for careers in narrative, conceptual, editorial, entertainment and decorative arts. Including but not limited to the following specific areas: magazines, app design, websites, books, children’s books, graphic novels, comics, product, packaging, posters, cards, crafts, traditional gallery painting, film, animation and video games. For those interested, it also prepares them for furthering their education in graduate school. With many artists today moving beyond traditional clients and opportunities; it is important for illustration students to understand their role as creatives and to develop as entrepreneurs, professionals and opportunists at the forefront of communication and innovation.  

Students are required to research and investigate current events and trends as well as the rich history of illustration and to understand the important influences of past and present in the creation of today’s art. Sir Joshua Reynolds said, “Nothing comes from nothing – invention, strictly speaking, is little more than a new combination of those images which have been previously gathered and deposited in the memory.”

The student led UVU Illustration Club actively meets, motivates and mentors students. Check out their Facebook page and the UVU Illustration Facebook page.