Painting & Drawing


The painting program provides instruction in a range of traditional painting techniques through contemporary approaches to this medium. Examination of historical content and applications in painting media provides students with broad understanding and skills in development of personal expression.


Drawing is an essential center and launching point for most fine arts media. Courses focus on development of observational drawing skills, analysis of form, and understanding of content, communication, and personal expression. A wide range of media are taught including graphite, charcoal, pastel, ink, and mixed media projects.


Utah Valley University is unique in having courses dedicated solely to the study of watermedia. Watermedia I. is a general elective course available for students throughout the Utah Valley University campus. Traditional foundational techniques in watercolor are explored in depth.


Printmaking courses at Utah Valley University encourage students to express their individual creative ideas, concepts and designs through the various printmaking media. Traditional and contemporary approaches to fine art printmaking are explored through unique, consistent and variable editions of hand-pulled prints. Students work in a variety of printmaking media including the following: woodcut/linoleum block relief printing, intaglio, collagraphy, chin collé, monotype/monoprinting, pronto plates, solarplates and color reductive printing.

Printmaking facilities include a large Takach press, a Conrad etching press and a Conrad lithography press, plate cutter, two drying racks, numerous inking stations for black and color inks, ultraviolet light boxes for solarplate and a professional hotplate.

Following are links related to fine art printmaking organizations.

Southern Graphics Council International (SGC)

Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance (RMPA)