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Internship Policy, Procedures, and Agreement

Students working as employees of a business, agency, or institution performing duties that directly relate to the student's area of study may receive elective credit towards their major. Internship credit is granted through completion of up to six credit hours of ART 281R and/or up to six credit hours of ART 481R or a combination of credit from each (6 credits maximum in each area). All internship credit must be pre-approved through the appropriate Area Coordinator (signature required) and verified with the Art & Design Internship Coordinator before registration. Students must follow the steps below and complete the application to register for A&D Internship credit.

A&D Internship Requirements

  • 75 work hours = 1 credit hour
  • Hours must be worked during the semester in which student is enrolled.
  • Specific work objectives must be recorded and met.
  • The onsite supervisor must verify the work experience with the A&D internship Coordinator.
  • Self-employment is not eligible for internship credit.
  • Internship credit will show as credit (CR) or no-credit (NC) only on student transcripts.

ART 281R - A&D Internship

  • Lower-division credit (freshman/sophomore status).
  • Work experience should include general responsibilities related to student's educational emphasis.
  • Students must complete application as part of the registration process.

ART 481R - A&D Internship

  • Upper-division credit (junior/senior status required).
  • Lower division coursework needs to be completed for the area in which the student will intern.
  • Work experience should be specifically industry related.
  • Duties should be more intense and integral than general.
  • Students must be supervised by someone with professional status in the chosen area of emphasis with a 4-year degree in the area.

Steps to Register for Internship 

  • Student reads this form. Student finds internship opportunity on their own, through a mentor, and/or internship Services 801-863-6308.
  • Student completes Internship Proposal, getting input from the employer on the objectives and responsibilities for the internship.
  • Student reviews their internship opportunity with their Internship Coordinator who establishes upper or lower-division Internship credit and how many credit hours it qualifies for.
  • Student then receives approval from Internship Coordinator and submits the digital Application form that requires the signatures of your Mentor, your Teacher, your advisor and the Internship Coordinator.
  • Student submits digitally-signed Internship Application.
  • Final Step: Advisor creates an override and student registers for the course online.

School of the Arts Internship Proposal

Download a pdf of the Internship Syllabus