Art Education

Want to share your love of art with others? Through UVU's art education program, you can. The Bachelor of Science in Art Education prepares students to qualify for teaching licensure for 7-12th grade. Curriculum is designed to give students a background in general education, as well as secondary education. Students can also focus on a single studio area within visual arts such as painting/drawing, illustration, photography, graphic design or printmaking.

BS Art Education Degree Requirements

Art History

image of Raphael, The Alba Madonna, c. 1510. Courtesy of the National Gallery of Art, Washington

medium image of a painting; Vincent van Gogh's, Self Portrait, 1889. courtesy of the National Gallery of Art, Washington.

Does studying the history of art make you swoon? You are in good company. Art history unlocks the understanding of visual culture, human achievement, and human expression. UVU offers the opportunity of studying a wide range of artistic styles, movements, and trends from ancient cultures to the contemporary era. The BA-Art History degree will help you prepare for an array of arts-related jobs, including art dealership, art directorship, and work in museums and galleries. It also provides the necessary foundation for graduate studies in art history, which in turn, will prepare you for a career in postsecondary teaching, museum curatorship, and museum directorship.

Program Requirements: BA

International Study Abroad program Opportunities

Art History Symposium

Images courtesy of the National Gallery of Art, Washington
Raphael, The Alba Madonna, c. 1510
Vincent van Gogh, Self-Portrait, 1889

Graphic Design

graphic design example picSituated in the heart of the "Silicon Slopes," UVU's graphic design program is uniquely situated to offer students cutting-edge learning, internship and job-placement opportunities. As students use the latest software to practice communicating creatively using typography and imagery, they learn to approach problem solving from marketing and artistic standpoints that resonate with target audiences. Courses emphasize creative, concept-intensive communication and effective design implementation in both print and interactive design.

Find more information at the graphic design blog.

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Graphic Design BFA Application

Work created by Elise Taylor - BFA, Graphic Design


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At UVU, students in the illustration program benefit from interaction with instructors who are nationally known professional illustrators. The program is ideal for students wanting to pursue careers in traditional illustration, digital illustration or animation. In addition to working with faculty who are professionals in their fields, students have access to the best software in the industry. Courses in figure drawing, children's book illustration, anatomy and figure structure, flash animation, 3-D computer rendering and advanced illustration are just a few of the classes available to students. The courses offer a well-rounded and practical learning experience.

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Illustration BFA Application

Image by Nathan Call, BFA - Illustration

Painting / Drawing

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Oil, watercolor, charcoal, gouache, pastels — you name it, UVU's painting and drawing students use it to find expression and bring beauty to the world through 2-D art. Within the painting/drawing program, students emphasize one of four areas: drawing, watermedia, painting or printmaking. In their senior year, B.F.A. students receive one-on-one instruction from the professor of their choice. Students explore their personal artistic identity while learning the rigor and attention to detail needed to put together a solo exhibition as their culminating experience.

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Painting/Drawing BFA Application

Painting by Kathleen Conger, Bachelor of Science


Placeholder ImageIn UVU's photography program, students learn by doing. With faculty members who are active photographers in the commercial and fine arts fields, the program is growing into one of the strongest in the state of Utah. Partnerships with local businesses, lectures by some of the biggest names in photography and annual classes in Capitol Reef National Park push students outside their comfort zone and expose them to a wide variety of photographic approaches and styles. Photography students have interned with leading photographers in New York and Los Angeles and traveled to countries such as Samoa and Ecuador in service-oriented programs. Students also have access to equipment, darkrooms and a studio, where they can experiment with lighting and processing techniques.

More information can be found on the photography blog.

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Photograph by Alicia Trujillo, BFA - Photography

Sculpture / Ceramics

Placeholder ImageIf you like getting your hands dirty, a B.F.A. in sculpture and ceramics from UVU might be for you. UVU's program helps students build a strong foundation of design fundamentals, technical skills and the use of materials. Whether throwing clay on a potter's wheel or listening to a class lecture, students discover endless sources of creative ideas while taking courses in low-fire ceramics, mold making, casting, ceramic technologies and more.

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Work from Quinn Maher