"The mark of a serious university is its commitment to the arts. They can move and uplift us to achieve the very best of the human spirit."

Signiture of President Matthew S. Holland

Our Mission

The UVU School of the Arts attracts and retains those with sufficient talent and passion for a career in the Arts and challenges them to hone imagination, creativity, and innovation as they secure the knowledge, skills, and experiences vital to their success. It enlivens, enhances, and enriches UVU and its varied communities through scholarly activities, public exhibits and performances, participation in or with the Arts, and classes about the Arts.

Dean's Office Staff

Portrait of Stephen Pullen

Stephen M. Pullen M.F.A.



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801.863.7359 | GT 605a | MS: 285
Portrait of Jennifer McCole

Jennifer McCole

Administrative Assistant


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801.863.6820 | GT 605 | MS: 285
Portrait of Jim Godfrey

Jim Godfrey M.F.A.

Associate Dean: Academics


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801.863.6190 | GT 605b | MS: 285
Portrait of Kevin Goertzen

Kevin Goertzen

Assistant Dean: Advancement


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801.863.5760 | GT 604 | MS: 285
Portrait of Linda Moore

E. Linda Moore M.P.A.

Assistant Dean: Administration


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801.863.6827 | GT 605 | MS: 285
Portrait of James George

James George

Area Technician


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801.863.5487 | FA 328 | MS: 285

Production & Performance Services

Portrait of Traci Hainsworth

Traci Hainsworth M.F.A.

Events Manager


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801.863.6739 | GT 619c | MS: 285
Portrait of Jason Warren

Jason Warren

Graphic Designer


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801.863.6737 | GT 619b | MS: 285
Portrait of Peter Beard

Peter Beard

Web Programmer (Part-time)


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801.863.6943 | LC 228 | MS: 217
Portrait of Carla Summers

Carla Summers

Costume Shop Supervisor


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801.863.7220 | GT 628F | MS: 234
Portrait of Kreg Kiggins

Kreg Kiggins

Box Office (Part-time)


801.863.6737 | GT 619b | MS: 285
Portrait of Isaac Walters

Isaac Walters

Production & Media Coordinator


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801.863.8434 |GT 605| MS: 234
Portrait of Brian Gibbons

Brian D.B. Gibbons

Graphic Designer (Part-time)


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801.863.7558 | GT 619a | MS: 285
Portrait of Shauna Lee

Shauna Lee

Graphic Designer (Part-time)


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801.863.7558 | GT 619a | MS: 285
Portrait of Blake Oakey

Blake Oakey

Social Media (Part-time)


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801.863.5440 | GT 605 | MS: 285
Portrait of Anna-Marie Johnson

Anna-Marie McDaniel

Assistant Costumer (Part-time)


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801.863.7220 | GT 628F | MS: 234
Portrait of Cristian Bell

Cristian Bell

Technical Director


801.863.7332 | GT 629 | MS: 234
Portrait of Don Parker

Don Parker

Scene Shop Supervisor


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801.863.8056 | GT 637A | MS: 234
Portrait of Joe Fox

Joe Fox

Assistant Scene Shop Supervisor (Part-time)

801.863.8056 | GT 637A | MS: 234

2016-2017 had 1750+ students and 220+ graduates


The School of the Arts has over 1700 students enrolled in over 20 programs, making it one of the largest arts school/college in the state. Programs are clustered into 4 departments: Art & Design, Dance, Music and Theatrical Arts for the Stage and Screen where students follow the UVU mantra of learning by doing. Graduates go onto careers that include graphic design, commercial music performance, acting, lighting and set design, dance instruction and a host of others. There were over 200 graduates in the School of the Arts last year.

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