Arts Marketing 101

It is a truth universally acknowledged that in 2019, having an Online Presence is somewhat of a requirement for getting yourself recognized. If you somehow managed to get famous (or just regular, paying work) before the social media age turned every human into a brand, congratulations, you don’t need this.

For the rest of us, there’s a strategy behind having an online following that respects you for your art. It will garner connections, be impressive to hiring committees, encourage us to keep on keepin’ on when we feel we want to quit. (The power of a few strangers on the internet who can be considered ‘fans’ is quite a power indeed.)

Create your channels

Visual and performing arts have a bevy of options - art Instagrams and Tumblrs rack up followers and reblogs, and YouTube videos of interesting choreography to popular songs can gain huge popularity. It’s all a matter of what your medium is and how often you’re willing to post. But why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to share what you’re doing - what your future job will be?

Define your goals

Do you have a dedicated arts social media account in order to gain followers? Get them to come to your shows? Join your Patreon or possibly commision you? Knowing why you’re creating and sharing content online is an essential motivator.

Define your audience

Probably, your demographic won’t be art students who are all trying to make a name for themselves. Maybe you want to reach out to arts patrons, creative influencers, or the kinds of people who will buy your entire line on Society6. Who are those people, where are they, and how can you reach them?


A no-brainer, right? Anyone worth their follower count knows how to use hashtags in their posts. But are you also trolling your favorite hashtags to use social media as a connector to be, uh, social with other artists? You never know what might lead to cross promotion or even collaboration. Comment meaningful things (you know what a bot comment looks like, don’t do that) and share artists work.

What to post

Any time you are proud of your work, post about it. Photos from rehearsals, work-in-progress pictures, moments with people you’re working with. Tag them, brag about your skills, celebrate your accomplishments and revel in the fact that you’re really doing it. You never know when you might inspire someone. And of course: tag @uvuarts so we can share in your triumphs and talent!