Finding your artists's tribe

In the film Midnight in Paris, the lead character goes back in time to a period of art that seemed to attract every big name of the era - primarily painters and authors but also musicians and dancers and anyone who was creating. When you think about a great band that has spanned decades, you know they’ve had issues but their teamwork and dedication prevails. Collaborators who work with each other over and over, like Tim Burton and Danny Elfman.

Do you ever look at a group like that and think: where’s mine?

Finding a tribe of people who can support you and inspire you through your art is a key component to finding balance in your life as a creative.

In truth, the process will likely be hit and miss. Some people are too business, others too pleasure. When your life contains a huge number of artsy and creative people, the temptation to talk shop and focus on your ambition can sometimes supercede your ability to connect in a meaningful way. It can also lead to jealousy and miscommunication in some cases. But through trial and error, you can find the people who care about you as a person beyond your abilities and ambition. They’ll also be able to critique your work in a gentle and effective way while celebrating your successes as genuinely as their own.

Below, you will find a few tips on finding your own art tribe, but we’d love to hear yours as well!

Look outside your “usuals” for new friends

    1. Leave your age group behind
    2. Join a group of like-minded people
    3. Be the first to say hi

Look at your existing friends in new lights

    1. Consider people you know who might have valuable perspectives
    2. Find “parallel peers” as well as mentors