How to be a great audience member

The UVU School of the Arts has so many opportunities to make you an audience member, entertain and enlighten you with top-notch symphony, ballet, theatre - and more.

Whenever you attend a live performance, you are an important component of the experience. Nobody would do a live show for an audience of zero! Creating a enthusiastic, supported atmosphere makes the event great for yourself, fellow audience members and performers alike.

Arrive on time

This should definitely go without saying, but we’re saying it anyway. Be there early. If you’re a concessions person, be there extra early. There are so many factors that contribute to showing up in the nick of time, but if you get there during the opening number you should really wait until intermission to enter the theater.

Don't shy away from reacting

Polite applause is encouraged, but if you’re moved to giggle or gasp - follow that impulse! Performers in front of a live audience are hoping your energy will feed theirs, and the symbiotic nature of the relationship means you can enjoy yourself too.

Remember, they can see you

Listening, being attentive, turning off your phone, being quiet and avoiding loud snacks are all a part of the relationship between performer and audience member. They can definitely see you sleeping, making out in the back, or whatever other interesting thing you’ve chosen to do at a live performance. Be cool, people.

Sit still

Most theaters are designed with windows between seats, and a grading in the floor that means your view won’t be blocked if you’re embracing the natural order. Try not to lean in any direction. If you really can’t see, talk to an usher.

Save your critiques

There is such a temptation to deconstruct the performance, especially if you have experience in the arts, but it is wildly impolite to do so while still in the theater - especially in your seat during the intermission. Go ahead and save your hot takes for somewhere else. That’s why people get dessert and drinks after the show!