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Art and Design students celebrate the end of their education with BFA showcases

Art and Design students celebrate the end of their education with BFA showcases

Art and Design seniors are putting their best work forward in BFA shows that culminate their journey to graduation.

In putting together these exhibits, students explore new elements of design that they might not have delved into during their education, says Ben Evjen, assistant professor and program coordinator of graphic design.

“This group has individuals who are venturing down a product design path, an interactive perception altering piece, and a generative, audience led design practice,” Evjen says. “The students are encouraged to embrace what they don’t know and find out more about it. The BFA project is not a time to show what you are strong at, but to make further discoveries.”

One photography student, Trevor Burt, has a show called “seeing slowly,” which he describes like this:

“It's an invitation to see art more slowly. I photographed European statues in unique crops to showcase form and detail.”

His fascination with the sculpture led him to examine them very closely and carefully, and his project captures that.

“I was drawn immediately to the energy the sculptures were emitting,” Burt says. “You can feel the work and history of the piece all around. I photographed these sculptures in tight frames, emphasizing the shape and form, because I wanted to capture the intimate detail the sculptor had put into the piece. They put incredible effort into even the smallest fragments of the statue and I didn’t want them to be overlooked. Through the composition I hope to inspire the viewer to see the art more slowly, making it a more emotional experience.”

seeing slowly

November 26-December 4

Covey center - 425 w center st. provo

Artist reception december 7 6-8 pm

Exhibit name: Perspective

Artist: Tevan Ratliff, Josh Holman, Julia Reidhead, Sydney Brown, Malia Loo, Logan Whitney, Paul Barlow, Lachoneus Bendall, Kelsie Meiling, and Makelle Reed.

Degree: BFA Graphic Design

Place: Bridle Up Hope [1141 E 600 S Alpine, UT 84004]

Reception: December 7, 2018 6-9 pm

See BFA projects from other emphases, too!

Zhe Ni is an international UVU student from China. His BFA exhibit will be in the Fulton 3rd floor library gallery from November 29-December 14. The exhibit’s opening reception will be held on Thursday, November 29th from 6-8 p.m. where the artist will be in attendance to meet and greet and answer questions about his work. Zhe Ni’s artistry brings his favorite characters to life in his collection of fantastical anime-style digital illustrations which are inspired by his love for Chinese martial art novels.

Artist: Zhe Ni

Degree: BFA Illustration

Place: Fulton Library 3rd floor

Opening Reception: November 29, 6-8 p.m.

Run dates: November 29 - December 14

And learn about the ones that have already past

The BFA painting exhibition by Taylor Thomas is titled MAKAI which is Hawaiian for “toward the ocean”. The exhibition featured a series of six seascape oil paintings ranging from 18x24 in size all the way up to 30x40.

Growing up in a Polynesian family, Taylor has always had a soft spot in her heart for the ocean. She once heard that artists don’t make beautiful art, but instead bring beautiful things to the attention of others. Taylor's show was all about inspiring her audience with the different emotions that the ocean can rouse: from the calming waves on the sand to the crashing white water on volcanic rock.  

Show details:

Exhibit name: Makai

Artist: Taylor Thomas

Degree: BFA Painting and Drawing


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