Brown Bag lecture In honor of Black History Month

In celebration of Black History month, the Department of Art and Design’s February brown bag lecture will focus on The Arts of Africa and the African Diaspora.  This lecture series introduces a variety of topics in the realm of Art History and Visual Culture.  The series is open to the public and provides an informal opportunity to eat your lunch and learn at the same time.

This month Dr. Andrew Skabelund from BYU’s History Department will talk about eighteenth century West African interpretations of the Atlantic slave trade.  The lecture will provide an inside look at the slave trade while it was actively happening from the perspective of those whose family and friends were captured, transported against their will, and sold as property in the new world at the time the United States was declaring its independence from Great Britain.  Estimates are that 12 million slaves entered the Atlantic trade between the 16th and 19thcenturies, which had a tremendous impact on the cultures of western Africa as well as the Americas.

This month’s brown bag lecture will be relevant to anyone with an interest in history, visual culture, art history, African Culture, and African-American Culture.  It will take place on Friday, February 23rd at 1 pm in the Sorensen Student Center, room 213A and is co-sponsored by UVU’s Black Student Union.

All are welcome!