Artists Toolbox - Crucial Conversations

In an effort to help students learn some of the soft skills necessary to succeed in their careers such as networking, financial management, marketing, negotiations, etc, the SoA Arts Resource Council (community members, faculty from each department and staff from the Dean’s office) is initiating a new lecture series 2-3 times per semester, during lunch.

"Crucial Conversations" is about the choices we make in high-stakes, or simply very emotional conversations - whether we veer toward silence or violence.

How might this apply to your education and career in the arts? Unfortunately, the creative side is only part of the job. Being able to pitch, promote and even defend your artistic endeavors is just as important of creating, and can be daunting.

Come and learn about how to deal with those charged moments, by resisting the urge to fill in information gaps with pessimistic assumptions and failing to communicate properly. You’ll leave the lunch a whiz at sticking to your guns when when a classmate isn’t catching your vision, or collaborating on group projects.

Joseph Grenny, author of “Crucial Conversations”

Thursday, October 11 from 12-1 in SC 231 B