Interning at the Most Magical Place on Earth

“If you're coming to do the Disney College Program, be the best you can be, regardless of what you're doing. Be the best custodian. Be the best server. Put in the work."


We’re proud of our summer interns! We want to highlight the work they’re doing, show how they're making connections, and give advice on how you can do it too! Meet Eve Spiekerman, as a theatre major, she’s currently interning at Walt Disney World through the Disney College Program.

Eve Spiekerman at Disneyworld


How did you find your internship? Was it hard?

 “The Disney College Program was something I found out about my senior year of high school and have wanted to do ever since. I attended Utah Vally University’s information sessions for the program and I also followed the Disney internship Facebook and Twitter pages for a while. I stayed up to date, so when the applications opened up, I was ready to apply. Disney posts all of their internships on their website, and there are so many to pick from! The application process for the Disney College Program starts with sending in a resume and application, there’s a web-based interview, and later a phone interview. For me, the process wasn't very difficult, but for others, it takes several times applying before they're accepted.”

Beauty and the Beast 100th show


What’s your favorite part of interning for Disney? 

“I've loved Beauty and the Beast since I was a child and finding out that there was a stage show was one of the most magical moments ever. I see the show on a daily basis and am working towards 100 shows in 4 months! I go and take pictures of the show and have used my photography to network with the performers. [One of the performers] was so gracious and met with me so I could ask him questions about his performing career both in and outside of Disney. Also, during the Festival of the Arts at Epcot, there were concerts put on by Disney on Broadway artists. I got to meet a bunch of different Broadway artists through this!”

If you hadn’t interned, what knowledge would you be missing out on?

“I'd be sad if I hadn't learned how true the phrase is, ‘you never know if you don't ask.’ Some people look at me and ask how I've made friends with performers and how I've had some cool moments, and the truth is that I just asked. Some friendships with performers started by asking for a meet and greet.”


Eve Spiekerman with Flynn Rider


Advice for future UVU interns on how to do well?

“If you're coming to do the Disney College Program, be the best you can be, regardless of what you're doing. Be the best custodian. Be the best server. Put in the work. Don't be afraid to network and reach out to people you want to learn from. I have had some amazing opportunities because I reached out and made connections with performers. I will have done three programs by the time I go home. My initial program was Spring 2019, I extended for Summer 2019, and, once again, I have extended through Fall 2019. So far, I've worked in two different roles - the first was at Captain Cook’s at the Polynesian resort and now a custodian at Disney Springs in Disney World (aka Downtown Disney).”


To see more of Eve’s adventures while interning, you can follow her on Instagram at @kiwikoala89