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Spend your Fall Break enjoying great art in the area

Spend your Fall Break enjoying great art in the area

Hey, kids! It’s Fall Break! That means you don’t have to come to class for a couple days. It also means, you have some extra time to take advantage of some of the great art in the area.


A part of making art is consuming art. It’s important to see what other people are doing, to determine if you like it, want to copy it, hate it, want to stay away from the way they did it, or whatever! But living in a vacuum of your own creation is the surest way to delay progress.


The good news is that even if you’re sticking around town during Fall Break, there are lots of places to experience great art right here in Utah County.



The Moth and the Flame have a two-night engagement at the Velour. The band started locally and have gone on to tour the world, using their musical skills commercially and lucratively. Check them out for a night of poppy, dance-ready music.



Covey Center - Angel Street

One of the longest-running non-musicals in the world, the show is about a bitter husband who tries to gaslight his wife into insanity. With the help of a kind inspector, she gets to the bottom of what has truly been happening to her.




Local family-friendly improv troupe Improv Broadway is recording a TV pilot this weekend, and they need your attendance to fill out the live audience! Special guests Kirby Heybourne and Stephen Jones will be performing, along with the rest of the regulars. It’s a chance to see some of the great talent in town!




The immersive park features a couple of actors you might recognize from UVU! It’s a mystery game, created to keep you in the story and on the trail to solve Evermore’s various puzzles. The set and costume design is impressive, and the whole thing is overall a great feat of interactive theater.



Springville Museum of Art

Utah’s first museum for fine arts, the permanent collection has both American and Russian art, while changing exhibits throughout the year feature local artists with different themes. The building itself is picturesque, and taking the time to browse through the galleries is well worth it.



Odyssey Dance - Thriller

"Thriller" is a fall treat, and while the run at the Covey Center has ended over there is still time to get tickets if you can make the trek to Salt Lake’s Kingsbury Hall. With creative dances based on spooky movies, the show features a number of the most versatile and professional dancers in the state.


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