Upcoming Family Day at The Woodbury Art Museum

 Did you know that the Woodbury Art Museum offers FREE family day events several times throughout the year?  Family days include several different art projects and take home crafts for kids and parents to create together.  Family day activities center around the current exhibition on display, so for instance, we recently hosted a family day centered around our exhibition, WAR-TOYS: Israel, Palestine and the Gaza Strip, a program of ExhibitsUSA, a national division of the Mid-America Arts Alliance and The National Endowment for the Arts.  The exhibition highlighted drawings done by children in the Middle East about their daily life and the dangers that exist for them living in that area of the world.  The artist, Brian McCarty, created photographic interpretations of the drawings.  These two elements were often displayed together in the exhibition, creating a dramatic story of war and childhood.  Because of the powerful subject matter of the exhibition, the museum designed family day activities focusing on the importance of expressing your emotions and telling your story. 

For one activity, visitors created paper chains using different colors to express different emotions.  If yellow represented happiness for them, they would write on the strip of yellow paper something like, “I am happy when I get to create art.”  This yellow chain would connect with another color, perhaps blue, with writing like “I am sad when my dog runs away” etc.  This is a useful and easy exercise to visualize the many “colors” of emotions within each individual and the importance of expressing those emotions as the paper chain grew.  Also, this activity taught visitors how color in art can greatly impact the message we receive from it. 

Another activity focused on the feelings that we perceive from the use of different fonts.  Visitors completed a graphic design activity page that showed several typographies and explained how fonts can invoke certain feelings, like feelings of peace or happiness with a Lucida Calligraphy font or fear and trepidation through the use of a Cracked font.  At the end of the page, visitors were asked to write their name using a different font for each letter, or perhaps creating one of their own. 

Finally, a third activity focused on narrative art and used an example of storyboard to convey passage of time.  Visitors were asked to think about what was happening in the picture they were shown and hypothesize about what had taken place right before and right after the image in the picture.  Then they were given a chance to draw a story of their own, using only three panels, showing the beginning, middle and end.  For this particular family day, we included a Valentines for Veterans activity where visitors were able to write a quick note of appreciation to servicemen and women.  The valentines were given to the UVU Veteran Success Center for distribution to local veterans. 

Family days are generally about 3 hours and everyone is welcome to stop by the museum and participate.  Family day times and dates are posted on our website at uvu.edu/museum.

Another option for participating in activities while visiting the museum is the art cart.  This is simply a small cart that can be wheeled around the museum and is always available at the front desk.  The art cart provides ready, on the spot activities for interested visitors, like a group of friends, scouting groups or a special date.  It contains several fun activities including:  a drawing activity (drawing your friend using your non-dominant hand, with your eyes closed, etc) mad libs, art history quizzes and even a short sculpture activity using tinfoil.  Visitors can do just one activity or all of them depending on their time constraints.

The Woodbury Art Museum is located off campus at University Place in Orem.  To find out more about the museum and our upcoming family days, exhibitions and public events, “like” us on Facebook or visit our website

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