Give the gift of inspiration

In The OC, Seth Cohen makes a “starter pack,” of all the books, movies and music he loves. It’s an entry point into all things Seth, but it's also him giving the gift of things he’d already vetted, and found to be great.

Give the gift of your good taste, even if it's just a link to a freebie or a reminder to use the public library. For the creative people in your life, here are some of the books, movies and podcasts YOU recommended as the ones that inspire you most!

We asked you for art that inspires your creativity - whether through encouraging nonfiction or characters you want to emulate. Don’t see your favorite on this list? Leave it in the comments!


"It's old and cliche but I'm a sucker for Stephen King's On Writing, on both a craft and a general 'art is worth making' level." -Bri

Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Where Does Art Come From by William Kluba

The Confident Creative by Cat Bennett


Ben Hur

La La Land “it’s a beautifully told story through so many of my favorite mediums: dance, music, film, words.” 


The Lord of the Rings

The Secret life of Walter Mitty

Studio Ghibli movies

Sing Street “It shows how both exciting and terrifying the creative process is.” -Tyler


The Art of Asking - Ted Talk by Amanda Palmer

Post Mortem

Chiustream WITH Bobby Chiu

Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Creative Pep Talk