UVU Arts Building Breaks Ground

Utah Valley University has been a technical school, community college, regional university, and now the largest school in the state of Utah for two years running. As of November 30th 2016, UVU was the only four-year institution in Utah without a dedicated building for their arts programs. That era is over now.

On December 1st 2016, Utah Valley University held a groundbreaking event for the new Noorda Center for the Performing Arts. The 130,000 square foot building will house a concert hall, proscenium theater, a dance hall, and a choral ensemble venue. Included will also be administrative offices, much needed practice rooms, and beautiful spaces to enjoy art on display.

UVU celebrated the end of its 75 year anniversary by giving much needed attention to the School of the Arts. It was announced that over $22 million in private funding was raised by donors in the UVU community, with another $32 million being provided by the state legislature.

The School of the Arts, which finds itself adjacent to the College of Technology and Computing, actually shares the Gunther Technology building with programs like auto tech, construction management, and technology management. Practice rooms filled with the sound of operatic voices, woodwind instruments, and scales being played share a hallway with cars on lifts and students training to be mechanics.

This juxtaposition is laughable, and also laudable. Two programs from distinct and polar ends of the academic spectrum have peacefully shared spaces for years. And now, with the help of the UVU community and the state, an arts building will alleviate growing pains on campus and give new breath to arts programs on the rise.

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Close up of golden shovels at ground breaking for the new Noorda Center for the Performing Arts

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