Imagination | Creativity | Innovation

The mission statement of the UVU School of the Arts states that the classes and experiences you have while a student in its programs will help you “hone imagination, creativity and innovation...” These are three similar words, but all mean something slightly different. Let’s break it down, and learn the best way to embody the school’s mission statement!

Imagination invents things that cannot exist, opening doors to the impossible. This kind of thinking is what inspires storytelling, character work, abstract interpretations of ideas, and all the things we do as artists.

Imagination is the primary gift of human consciousness. In imagination, we can step out of the here and now. We can revisit and review the past. We can take a different view of the present by putting ourselves in the minds of others: we can try to see with their eyes and feel with their hearts. And in imagination we can anticipate many possible futures.

We may not be able to predict the future but by acting on the ideas produced in our imagination, we can help to create it. The imagination liberates us from our immediate circumstances and holds the constant possibility of transforming the present.

-Sir Ken Robinson 

Creativity alters what exists, emphasizing what might be possible. When you employ creativity in your artistic practices, it results in outside-the-box thinking, with new approaches to old things. It can also put a spin on an idea that isn’t necessarily yours, but now a piece of it belongs to you (this works especially well when you’re working in a group or on a team). But creativity still exists in the plane of reality - you can be creative “in” something, that is demonstrable and apparent.

Innovation changes structures and leans into what is possible, right now. These things are measurable and obvious in the real world, less abstract, and far more actionable. Innovators have a lot of things to add to their resumes, as this can be translated more easily to “hard skills” like audience growth and improvement of processes. 

Just like the mission statement says, it really takes all three to be a successful creator in the fine/performing arts. Your brain works in different and sometimes mysterious ways, and all of those ways are valuable to your future career.

Which one do you excel in? Leave a comment, or find us on social media @uvuarts to let us know!

UVU School of the Arts Mission Statement

The UVU School of the Arts attracts and retains those with sufficient talent and passion for a career in the Arts and challenges them to hone imagination, creativity, and innovation as they secure the knowledge, skills, and experiences vital to their success. It enlivens, enhances, and enriches UVU and its varied communities through scholarly activities, public exhibits and performances, participation in or with the Arts, and classes about the Arts.