UVU students take Inktober by storm

Inktober started in 2009, as an effort by its creator, Jake Parker, to work on skills and develop drawing habits. Participants draw one piece a day for the entirety of October, sometimes following a theme, other times not so much.

These four UVU students, studying in the Art & Design program, threw themselves into the challenge. Scroll for their favorite efforts and a little about their work.

Jessica Wiarda


I'm currently following @furrylittlepeach #flpinktober prompts because they are very simple.  I don't like limiting myself to a prompt a day for a month but inktober prompts help me think outside the box and helps me challenge myself daily and develop good drawing habits.

@jesswiarda https://www.instagram.com/jesswiarda/

Cody Buckner


I’ve been too busy this semester to dedicate time to do Inktober every day, but I want this personal project to extend beyond this month. I’ve really wanted to illustrate my own deck of major arcana tarot cards, so I’m using Inktober as a catalyst to get started. My concept is essentially an overgrown sculpture garden. All subjects in the illustrations are based on the forms of sculptures from the renaissance. I want them all to be beautiful and a little weird and dark.

Time management is the hardest for me when it comes to Inktober. I feel like maybe I get too ambitious considering all of the different obligations I have to balance. Someday college won’t rule my life and I can dedicate more time to planning and preparing for Inktober.

@codybucknerart https://www.instagram.com/codybucknerart/



Here is my favorite inktober piece so far. I am using a prompt list called Orientober. It’s a great list and has helped me expire Asian cultures and what these items symbolize.

@_jaida.art.com_ https://www.instagram.com/_jaida.art.com_/

Sid Henkel


Inktober has stretched me to explore new and creative methods of illustrating. I enjoy being motivated to draw every day and being inspired by fellow artists. Instead of following the suggested prompts, I would rather explore my own subjects. I absolutely love my Hydro Flask and had the idea to custom design my friends and family's bottles with the things they love! Their water bottles become a visual representation of them. To me, Inktober is a time dedicated to improving skills and trying new things!

@william.sidney https://www.instagram.com/william.sidney/