Meet the SoA Marketing Team!

We are the School of the Arts marketing team, and we love to promote the amazing work done by students and faculty at UVU. We are here for you, and your success - because we love creativity and the arts! Think of us as your support team.

We also have our own experience and expertise in pop culture and the arts. Occasionally, we will be sharing what inspires us, but first, we wanted you to get to know us a little.


 kaitlinAfter spending my formative years in rural Utah singing small town blues to the tune of 350 people, I did what any self-respecting someday New Yorker would do and made it my business to see the world. 26 countries later, I unpacked my suitcase and went to work growing at what I consider to be some of the finest companies in the world: Ketchum, a global communications firm in Manhattan, and everyone’s favorite low-cost airline (Southwest, obviously). After trying my hand at litigation communications counsel, then going on to host live in-flight concerts with up-and-coming country stars, I’m thrilled to have found my sweet spot here at UVU, telling the stories and sharing the talents of our students.



isaacI’m Isaac Walters. My love of marketing grew out of my training and experience as a theatre director. I believe that the first thing a director has to do is to think about who the audience is and how to create something they can relate with and connect to emotionally. Of the almost three dozen productions I have directed, some of my favorite include: a sing-along version of The Sound of Music to recreate the experience of singing-along to the movie with your family, a Chinese Opera version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to create a magical new perspective on a beloved classic, and a modern version of the 20th Century Passion Play Barabbas staged in the largest Gothic Cathedral in the United States. As the marketing manager for the School of the Arts, I’m excited by the prospect of being one of the first artists to reach out to our potential audiences and begin to shape their expectations and relationship with the incredible arts happening at UVU.


amandaI’m Amanda Taylor, and I am the SoA content writer (and editor of this blog). I grew up performing - as a dancer, singer, actress and loud storyteller at parties. When I got to college, I set those dreams aside and committed to writing about and sharing the arts by studying journalism. I worked as a publicist for indie bands in college. I wrote for Entertainment Weekly magazine, which took me to San Diego Comic Con and the Academy Awards. I have covered TV and movies for papers, websites, blogs and magazines for ten years. Lately, I decided to go back to my performance roots, and founded an indie production company that makes web series, for which I write screenplays and act. I absolutely love sharing your creative arts journeys!


brookeHey, I'm Brooke Morrill and I'm over social media for School of the Arts. If you see something posted on @uvuarts on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter- 90% of the time, that's me behind the post! I'm a 2015 UVU graduate with a BFA in Photography and a minor in Art History. Aside from making content and doing social media for the School of the Arts, I also do stop-motion videography and creative product photography. I'm known for crafting photo projects out of food and styling animated messages. My favorite aspect of making art, is helping others feel something they hadn't previously; specifically inspiration, laughter, and empowerment.


tylerI’m Tyler McKinnon and I’m the video producer for the School of the Arts. I have always wanted to be a filmmaker. Whenever I played pretend as a kid, I always imagined each game as a movie and for me the magic has never left that realm. Creating is a huge part of who I am. In high school I took every artistic elective class I wanted to: art, culinary, video production, choir, musical theatre, music composition, literature analysis. To me, film is the medium that incorporates every art form that I love being involved in, and was the route that required the least amount of compromise when it came to my artistic visions. I’m a student here at UVU studying Cinema Production and I absolutely love it. The filmmaking community here is spirited and nurturing. Working for the School of the Arts, I get to meet incredibly talented students and faculty who are creating incredible things. I consider it an honor to garner their stories every week and tell them in the way and through the medium I know best.



jesseI have always found myself drawing on anything I can. Thinking and creating patterns and designs. I always knew that I was a creator of some sort and graphic design lets me express that creative side of me. I use my passion for skateboarding and soccer to fuel my designs. I am currently a graphic designer for UVU and a student in graphic design. Also, I like waffles.





shaunaI’m Shauna Lee, and I have always been fascinated with color. As a child, I marveled at the colors evident in nature and was always noticing things other people didn’t seem to see (“I see dead color!”). There’s a certain feeling a person gets when they are designing and they know “this is it!”. I strive for that feeling in all the work I do and work hard to make my clients feel like they are the only one. I find great inspiration in nature and love to take pictures of the great outdoors - especially 360 VR pics - and really enjoy how the lines are twisted and turned when flattened in a print. I pride myself on being professional but because I think in cartoon, I can easily find the humor in most things.

Come say hi in CS 637 - introduce yourself and tell us your story (so we can feature it on the blog and on our social media)! You might know our space as the old advising office.