MARKED by Adriane Skousen

ART 2710 - Documentary Photo

ART 2710 is a sophomore level class where the students focus on documentary or editorial photography. Specifically, students should develop a photographic essay around a subject that is significant to them. Whether it be personal, salient, educational, or of social interest. They must then create a narrative that is true to their subject and hopefully carries a powerful communication with it that can resonate with their audience. We will spotlight a few of their final projects. Here is a sampling of one of the projects. Instructor is Kent Miles.

The photo documentary series MARKED is inspired by the people in my life who are challenged with medical conditions. These are the countless family members and friends that struggle with a variety of medical trials- In which the stories are endless. The chosen name MARKED, is influenced by the idea of trails leaving a mark on a person. Whether it be physical or emotional.

Their stories, my vision. In hopes to capture their individual story, I tried to emphasize the unified concept with a portrait to show who they are, their main health issue, and also how they cope (which can be seen in the full essay). I choose black and white to really clarify the message of the image without the distraction of color. I also wanted the whole essay to be unified- which is also why the contrast of each of the images are closely equivalent to one another. I personally believe there is a strong meaningful message to be seen. The images I've been taking and those to come can be used to inform people, document trails/events, and also used for such things like fundraisers. I'm revealing that those around us are going through hard ships and medically threatening conditions in which we should be aware of and do what we can to help. Each individual has different needs and ways of supports. Find out what they are, because they are important and can really change the lives of many.

This will be a continued photo documentary series, because I haven't even began to scratch the surface. Though already documented subject matter is that of well known loved ones, it is not limited to. I am always looking for peoples stories to tell.

MARKED: Reminder of Trials & Continuing Survival, is a preview of a number of photo essays, from my photo documentary project MARKED, documenting medical conditions. The clip takes a small amount of the photos and focuses on the images with the related concept of scars and physically noticeable conditions.

The website for the project can be found here: