Why I SI by Lindsey Watson

ART 2710 - Documentary Photo

ART 2710 is a sophomore level class where the students focus on documentary or editorial photography. Specifically, students should develop a photographic essay around a subject that is significant to them. Whether it be personal, salient, educational, or of social interest. They must then create a narrative that is true to their subject and hopefully carries a powerful communication with it that can resonate with their audience. We will spotlight a few of their final projects. Here is a sampling of one of the projects. Instructor is Kent Miles.

Self injury is a growing epidemic affecting millions of people all over the world. I have been a self injurer for 10 years and am still recovering from it every day. Self injury is one of the most lonely addictions to face.

This topic is misunderstood by many and is not easily discussed in open conversation. I wanted to give information as to why people self injure and to give self injurers an opportunity to make their story known. Every person’s story is different and has been heart breaking to photograph. The fact that these people are still alive and overcoming their trials, however, is rewarding to them and to myself.

My journey through taking these photographs has been intense, thus far. I plan on continuing this project for years to come. I want to photograph all types of people who suffer from self injury including different genders, ages, races, and people of different social and economic statuses."

If you would like to view more of Lindsey's project or have interest in participating in her project, she has set up a Facebook album that you can view here.