BFA Exhibit for Alise Allen: L I V E

I look around. It is quiet. It's just me, the breeze and the soft setting on my skin. I hear the rocks crunch beneath my feet. I listen to each thought that arises about my life. I take a deep breath. My goal is in sight and I push myself to take a few more steps. My mind is clear, my heart rate elevated. Out here, I am focused.

There is something about nature that brings an awareness to self. It makes me evaluate my own quality of life. When I lose myself in my natural world, the noise of technology fades and loses significance. I am truly my happiest when I am surrounded by the simple beauty of this world we live in. Whether it is hiking, biking, surfing, fishing, swimming, running or even just taking a walk, nature can be cleansing. Nature is not biased; no matter what age, sex, or race, she is there with welcoming arms.


You can view more of Alise's photography by going to her website:

Her BFA exhibit will be in Station 22 in downtown Provo, Utah from October 12-31, 2012