BFA Exhibit for Annette Skewes: Flower Portraits

Welcome to my flower garden. Flowers have been a significant part of western cultures; accompanying us in every major event in life—birth, marriage, holidays, graduations, illnesses, and death, to name a few. I learned to appreciate the way the light plays with the color, form, and texture of flowers in my father’s large garden. Both facts have influenced my passion for flowers and my desire to use them as subject matter in my photography.

My flowers come from all over the world to tell their stories. Some have been transplanted from ancient times, some have traveled far with the sweep of civilization, and others immigrated during the age of exploration. Flowers have been clothed with legends and history in every age and every country. An 18th century poet, James Gates Percival, wrote: “In eastern lands they talk in flowers, And they tell in a garland their loves and cares; Each blossom that blooms in their garden bower, On its leaves a mystic language bears.” All flowers are beautiful and interesting, but they are all the more interesting because of their history, and the legends and lore that surround them.

My garden is a collection of portraits created after reading the flowers’ stories, contemplating the meaning, and creating an image to portray the individuality of each flower. I hope you find in my garden, as Elizabeth Todd Nash wrote, “a sweet something which delights the eye,” as well as a curiosity about the stories the flowers have to tell.

You can view more of Annette's photography by going to her website:

Her BFA exhibit will be in the Rotunda Gallery in the Orem City Center from Dec 1-31st 2011