BFA Exhibit for Emily Howden: Power of the Gods

Today, Greek gods are just a myth. They are considered stories and don’t hold much value for many anymore. Yet, are we still interested in them more than we know? Do we look up to them and aspire to be like them without even knowing it? Are we as powerful as they are? I have always been interested in mythology and through my art studies I have learned a great deal about them and the affect they had on mortal lives.

If Greek gods were the typical role model today, what kind of career would they have, what would their responsibilities be, and what kind of ‘powers’ would they have? The word god is associated with a sense of power and greatness. Such a reputation is what each of us aspires to. However, greatness is something we as mortals have to work hard for. That work can make a great difference.

What kind of difference do each of us make? Do we each strive to be our best and search for our own greatness? Every single person has their own greatness and only they can offer what they have. Each god used their powers to help or hinder mortals. The use of their powers is what made them either loved or hated by mortals. We can affect the lives of those around us without even knowing it. We might not have the power of the gods to throw lightning or shoot arrows of love or have all the wisdom there is to gain …

… Or do we?

Maybe we have more power than we realize and can make a greater difference then we think. We have power, and it comes in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. We don’t have to be a god to make a difference. Everyone is unique and has their own gifts to share with others.

As I’ve progressed through this project, I’ve discovered some of my own powers. Some that surprised me and others that I felt grateful to have. I’ve learned that one can do anything if they set their mind to it. It is my hope that others will discover the power inside themselves just as I have and continue to do so.


Emily's exhibit will be up March 1-31st at the SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem.

You can view more of Emily's photography by going to her website: