BFA Exhibit for Kate Peterson: LIFE

We all have significant moments in our lives. For my self, I’m going through a few major ones right now; I am preparing to graduate from college and I am expecting my first child. As wonderful and significant as these moments are, they don’t really come around that often. Our life consists primarily of seemingly small and inconsequential moments. If we remove all those trivial aspects from our lives, we would not be left with much of a life at all. 

Our life is really lived in-between those significant milestones. Think about the little details in life: the messy bed sheets, a dirty kitchen, reading glasses left on a book—these are all details we’ve encountered in our environments that have left a trace. These details are clues to our life and hint at the individual’s story. This story is unique for each of us but one thing we all have in common is that from birth to death we all must go through a similar cycle of life.

The more I have worked on this project, the more I have come to appreciate the little indicators of life that comprise our surroundings. I have been able to look at the small and simple things in life and see the subtle beauty of it all. We need to open our eyes and enjoy life as it happens rather than letting it pass by.

You can view more of Kate's photography at her website:

Her exhibit will be at the SCERA Center for the Arts in Gallery 101 from Jan 1-31, 2013. There will be an artists reception on Friday, January 11th from 6-8 pm.