BFA Exhibit for Mavanie Stanley: Horse Play

What distinguishes the fairy tale from other stories is that it speaks to the very heart and soul of children. It teaches lessons and advises children to take their courage in hand and go out to meet the world head on. According to Bruno Bettelheim, the fairy tale offers this promise, "If you have courage and if you persist, you can overcome any obstacle, conquer any foe."

I grew up with fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Goldilocks. They taught me valuable lessons, but what taught me the most important lessons were my horses. They were, and still are my fairly tales. They taught me to be brave, to have courage, the importance of friendship, and how to love. They gave me the ability to believe in myself; than I can do the impossible.

In my world, fairy tales and horses are one. Horses are my learning tool and my gift to play. By using horses in the place of certain characters in each fairy tale, I have been able to show that everyone can make each fairy tale their own. We all learn in different ways and through different mediums, but fairy tales are something we all have in common. 

When we are children our imagination is free to do as it wishes and there are no adult limitations. As a child, we are not afraid to try and we constantly want to explore. Yet, as we grow up and start to experience life, that imagination and courage start to disappear in certain ways. Through this project, I have proved, that no matter your age, the lessons we learned from fairy tales still can apply to us individually. The characters can be who or what we want and there are no limits what we can do. 

3 Pigs
Snow White
Mad Hatter

You can view more of Mavanie's photography at her website:

Mavanie's exhibit will be at the SCERA Center for the Arts Gallery 101 from March 1-31st 2012.