BFA Exhibit for Michael Ririe: Now I Can

I have met some of my best friends over the last year. I introduced myself to the Now I Can Foundation early in 2011 with hopes of collaborating to create an awareness documentary that would be helpful to their noble cause. It has turned into much more than that.

My initial approach was to stand back and quietly observe while these patients received their therapy. They didn’t let me simply observe for long as they engaged me and were interested in what I was doing. Soon I was on the therapy mat involved in the exercise and photographing on a personal level. I watched as my amazing friends struggled, recognized progress, smiled, fell, laughed, and cried. I felt connected and I felt alive.

In showing you these sacred moments, I hope that you will make similar connections. I hope you recognize their unique potential, determination, and purpose. I hope you can hear their laughs, dreams, frustrations, and cries. I hope you feel the need to stretch out your hand to help. I hope…

...that you change.

Michael Ririe began photographing at Now I Can at the beginning of 2011, with hopes of creating a photographic project that would raise awareness for the Now I Can Foundation. He first photographed five patients and had an exhibition of these photographs during June and July 2011. He continued to photograph with hopes of creating a fine art documentary book which would increase the ability for the project to raise lasting awareness. Throughout 2011 he photographed eighteen patients of all ages and who come from all over the country. This body of work represents over 10,000 photographs, and hundreds of hours spent photographing, editing, printing, coordinating, and preparing the book and final exhibition.

The Now I Can book was published in 2012 and was made available during Ririe's BFA exhibition of the project in February 2012. The book shares the experiences of the patients, the therapists, and the process. With 136 pages, and over 100 photographs, it is meant to be an inspiring and lasting tribute to these incredible individuals. Proceeds from the sale of the book benefit the patients at the Now I Can Foundation. You can find the book on Amazon.

Michael's BFA exhibit will be up February 1-29th 2012 at the SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem.

You can view more of Michael's photography by going to his website: