BFA Exhibit for Sheena Bates: The Gathering Table

This project is personal to me. It is about my own experiences. My memories are woven through its core.

I began working with food after interviewing another photographer, Sara Silver, who suggested that I discover what I love, aside from photography, and to incorporate the two together. As I have photographed food, I have gotten to know myself better; things that were precious to me have become sweeter, memories surrounding food carry a greater sense of nostalgia. This project came about because a friend of mine, who would also call herself a foodie, gave me a copy of the magazine, Kinfolk: a guide for small gatherings. As I flipped through its pages I felt like I discovered my people. I knew I wanted to belong to this group with whom I felt . . . well, a kinship. I felt inspired to create images about my own memories and experiences surrounding food.

This project is personal to me. It is about my own experiences. My memories are woven through its core. I want the viewer to feel a sense of nostalgia and warmth as they view these images. To do so I use film, wrather than the digital process. Film is tangible; there is depth to it. These memories are tangible and real to me; they have helped make me who I am today. I also use some odd croppings to help reflect the feeling of a memory. Some memories are fresh and crisp while others are harder to hold onto.

For this project I have taken a few of my fondest memories surrounding food from my life and have tried to illustrate aspects of them. As I have worked on this project, I have made new memories and my relationships with those who have helped create the project have grown. I hope these images remind you of some gatherings from your own life. I hope you can find a way to relate to these images and maybe even go and make some new memories with those you hold dear.

You can view more of Sheena's photography by going to her website:

Her BFA exhibit will be in the Rotunda Gallery in the Orem City Center from Nov 1-30th 2012

You can also purchase or view her entire BFA project laid out in book form by following this link.