Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander (many may know him better for his role as George Costanza from Seinfeld) did an acting workshop with the Theatre Department and School of the Arts from February 27th-29th. We volunteered to take a few formal portraits for the school to use. We were told that we had 15 minutes but were literally given 5. With this limitation, only photo faculty Travis Lovell and John Rees were able to shoot while photo students assisted. Here are a few images of what we got in our limited time frame. Not bad considering we did two locations, 4x5 camera, Type 55 Polaroid film and digital all in that window. I would like to point out how Travis and John are showing more signs of baldness than Jason does in these pictures.

Travis Lovell

We set up this chair as a third location but Jason wasn't a fan. We couldn't let it go to waste so we had to go to plan B and shoot Jake Buntjer as the model instead. Basically our version of George but with a beard.