Keith Carter

As part of our lectures class, we invited Keith Carter to visit and to speak to our students. Keith is a world renowned photographer with over 100 solo exhibitions in 13 countries and 11 published books of his photography to his name. Keith's work is also held in many private and public collections. Keith was very gracious with his time and knowledge with the students and put on a workshop for the students the morning after the lecture. 
If you are unfamiliar with Keith's photography it would be wise to check it out. I view him as a modern day poet with a camera and am always amazed by his ability to evoke emotions and find beauty in the most common and overlooked aspects of our lives. Keith's website is:

Travis Lovell
Photograph by Keith Carter
Photograph made by Keith during workshop
Keith Carter lecturing at UVU
Lyndi Bone
Keith Carter teaching UVU students
Lyndi Bone
Reflections in a camera lense
Jake Buntjer
Keith Carter holding a camera
Jake Buntjer