Creativity Resolutions for 2019

It’s a new year, and a new semester. What better time to recommit to your artistry? These tips will help you hone your resolutions to take your creativity to the next level in 2019. Take some, leave the rest.

Try that crazy idea

The worst you can do is realize it really is crazy. But what if, after you take the first step in the right direction, it turns out to be a stroke of genius? Try it.

Give yourself permission to dabble

The pressure to be the best, to be an expert, can stunt your creative growth. Explore other areas of focus, other mediums, other styles. It’s ok to be average.

Restrict yourself

Remember Picasso’s Blue Period? If you are looking to challenge yourself, try a similar approach. Create limits for your art.

Make a routine

Whether its a particular article of clothing you wear when writing, a time of day, a candle you light before you begin, turn the act of creating into a ritual.

Ditch your routine

On the other hand, get messy. Do whatever, whenever, and follow the muse.

Take your time

Let ideas sit, ruminate, marinate, grow, evolve. Keep a list of them or just see if they stick with you. Don’t rush into creativity.

Step away from your screens

Disconnect from consumption of any kind for a couple days a week. Be inspired by the world around you instead of what’s already been made.

Say no

Protect your time and energy. Collaborations and commissions are great, when you have the wherewithal to do them well. Know yourself.

Say yes

Limiting yourself too much, though, might close you off to amazing opportunities. If you can, try new things this year.

Celebrate failure

Have your friends over for dinner or go out on the town after a big failure. They’re just as important as successes, if you frame them correctly in the learning process.

Consume more art made by people who aren’t like you

Look for things made by people who aren’t of your gender, race or class. Explore a perspective you don’t share, and how it makes you feel.

Be bored

There are so many demands on your time, it's rare you might find yourself sitting somewhere with nothing to do. But if it happens, let it wash over you.

What are your creative resolutions?