Across the Pond with UVU Study Abroad

I saw more theatre over the course of a month than I had seen previously in my entire lifetime.

Theatre student Shane Nuttall spent his summer in London, seeing sights and some of the greatest theatre in the world.

My Experience Studying Abroad

London is a truly magical city. Whether wandering through the river trails in Hyde Park Gardens, exploring a museum, or seeing a West End show in the most famous theatres in the world, London crackles with an energy all its own. Something exciting is always going on, and I wanted to experience all of it! I had the opportunity to go on study abroad this past summer with UVU’s theatre program, and as cliche as it sounds, it was truly life changing. Theatre has always been a passion of mine, and there’s no better place on earth to experience theatre than in London. I saw 20 shows over the course of the program! That would not be possible in any other circumstance, I saw more theatre over the course of a month  than I had seen previously in my entire lifetime.

The kicker was that it was the best theatre in the world! Seeing the work of the best actors and designers in the business changed my perspective on what theatre could be. In a production of “The Duchess of Malfi”, I saw an entire stage covered in a lake of blood. It was something I have never seen before and most likely never will again, it was truly incredible. I saw Sir Ian McKellen play the lead in Shakespeare’s famous tragedy “King Lear”. I saw brand new plays that have been produced this year and told stories about current issues facing our society, as well as contemporary perspectives being woven into classic stories.

But my time in England wasn’t spent just sitting in theatres. The program comes with planned activities around the city as well as ample free time to roam and explore. London nightlife is incredible, and the amount of cheap and free events are endless. Some days were laid back spent in parks and museums, while others were jam packed with shopping and touring famous places. Every day was new, full, and satisfying. Exploring street markets full of amazing food, touring the Thames River and wandering through Portobello Road all added to an amazing Study Abroad Experience.

The final week of the program was spent in Edinburgh, Scotland for the International Fringe Arts Festival. It was an entirely new experience in a brand new city, packed with tourists and artists from all walks of life. Performances of all types were held in pubs, churches, parks, in theatres and arenas, and anywhere else people could gather! The good, bad, and bizarre of the arts were on full display during the festival, as well as the mysterious and enchanting feeling of Edinburgh itself.

This program is affordable, fulfilling, and worth every penny. Anyone looking for a genuine and exciting college experience should make this a priority during our short time at UVU. Make the effort to go, and you won’t regret it. There’s nothing to lose from study abroad, and so much to gain.

shane in europe