Opportunities abound in UVU's Theatre department

As a graduating senior at Utah Valley University, I am elated to give a glimpse into my time in our Theatre Department. Not knowing what to expect, I was lucky enough to be welcomed into one of the most incredible programs in the Western United States. I have explored who I am as a director and found out more about myself as an artist.

As a black woman in America, I am constantly afraid to share my opinion; worried I could offend someone or they might not listen to me because of my strong views. UVU is a place where I feel heard and encouraged to express my views. In March of 2018, I directed my first full length play, Time Stands Still by Donald Margulies that discusses the effects of PTSD and how it affects relationships. Mental health is important to me and this play sparked an important conversation among the audience. We raised money for PTSD research and raised awareness in our own community.

Through Leadership opportunities, not only have I found an incredible group of supportive friends but I’ve found ways to support future students. As President of the Theater Arts Guild and Vice President of the Black Student Union, my teams and I are constantly looking for ways to give our students more opportunities to grow a community and practice their skills. We founded the “TAG Spotlight Series” completely student acted, designed and produced for students to practice their skills. Considering Black students only make up 0.7% of the University, it is the mission of the Black Student Union to create a safe community for us to thrive in.

Utah Valley University’s Theater Department has not only been a place where I felt engaged, I feel prepared for my future career.