Student Spotlight: Sidney Brown


My name is Sidney Brown, and I am a junior in the ballet program at Utah Valley University. Dancing requires great flexibility, a considerable amount of strength, the ability to make it look easy, and a tremendous amount of determination. All these things require a lot of work but the joy that comes out of it is what has kept me dancing since the age of six.

When I was fifteen, I had the chance to go see Don Quixote performed by Ballet West. I remember being wowed by the precise yet energetic way Beckanne Sisk danced the principal role of Kitri at only nineteen years old. After watching that performance, I knew that I wanted to be up on a stage and dance in the way that she did. I wanted to be able to awe and inspire others through dance, just like she did for me.

Being a student at UVU has helped me work towards my goal of becoming a professional dancer. I feel that the faculty genuinely cares about each student. They are continuously putting a lot of effort into making the dance program effective so that each student gets a good education and is prepared to enter the job field after graduation. This year, I am very fortunate to be a part of UVU’s Repertory Ballet Ensemble. This has given me an opportunity to obtain performing experience and realize what it’s like to be in a professional ballet company. It has also been a great opportunity to work closely with faculty members and get personalized advice on improving my technique and preparing for my future career. I am excited to continue my journey at UVU and see what the future holds.

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