Broadway star Sierra Boggess to perform and share her light

Join us for an evening with Broadway star Sierra Boggess (bog-iss), best known for her roles as Christine Daae in "The Phantom of the Opera," Ariel in "The Little Mermaid," and headmistress Rosalie Mullins in "School of Rock.”

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Sierra Boggess is regarded as one of Broadway’s most beloved ingénues, originating and inhabiting many beloved roles. Her message is one of self-love, and her motto is “You are enough. You are so enough, it's unbelievable how enough you are.”

She’s a seasoned teacher, and will be giving a master class at UVU, as part of her regular rotation of touring workshops and classes in New York. According to her website, “she believes in the importance of helping the new generation of Broadway hopefuls by teaching them that this business and this life is not a competition, it’s about being the best most honest version of yourself.”

She refers to those who are following her philosophy as “light workers,” and recognizes that there is a journey for everyone to reach happiness and contentment within their own skin.

She has created a box of “Light Lessons” that act as affirmations for anyone seeking a little bit of Sierra’s positive energy in their everyday.

Notable Roles

Danielle - 'Ever After'

Ellen - 'The Age of Innocence'

Fantine - 'Les Miserables'

Christine - 'Love Never Dies'

Ariel - ‘The Little Mermaid’

Boggess is also a member of the cast of “What’s Your Emergency,” a web series starring other Broadway stars (with a guest spot by Alan Cumming!) and actors you’ll definitely recognize, like America Ferrera.

Her hard work and dedication to performing on stage will be apparent in her performance and master class when she visits UVU for The Noorda’s Week of Dreams! Get your tickets today.