Why are you thankful for the arts?

We asked on our Instagram @uvuarts "what are you thankful for artistically?" and "why are you grateful for art?" and here are your responses!

It's my coping mechanism.

- @bequilazarca



- @theater.kat


I can be myself and create something that comes from my mind and heart <3

- @ukraniann_


Art hepls my emotions move through me, rather than allowing them to inhibit me.

- @em_kat__


It's a unique way of changing the world and making a difference.

- @carlee_baldwin


It allows discussions to be had and brings people closer together!

- @josh_tn


It gives me a medium to get in touch with humanity, better understanding myself and others.

That individualty and uniqueness is valued in the artistic community.

- @zokomirkat


I can make a change.

- @mckellybelly97


Those who came before us can teach us and inspire us.

- @the_katy_cox_official


No pencils. No life.

- @nedvicky


The passion I have to create rad pieces.

- @frannybrusch