Uniquely UVU - A Look at 2019/2020

Working at UVU School of the Arts over the last year has been enlightening and inspiring. There are so many engaged faculty who are true advocates for their subjects and their students. The passion that you can feel through the magnificent work that is produced by the four major departments - Music, Dance, Art & Design, and Theatre - is palpable and contagious.

The curriculum encouraged by faculty focuses on real-world experience and practical applications, which in an arts education is entirely invaluable. It’s incredible to consider that, with The Noorda, performing arts students have a state-of-the-art and incredibly beautiful building to secure the knowledge, skills and experiences vital to their success. Coming soon, the Lakemount Manor will be transformed into an absolutely breathtaking museum for the visual arts to showcase their work. The opportunities at UVU are unlike most arts education programs in the country.

The upcoming academic season will contain some familiar favorites like Twelfth Night and Charlotte's Web, as well as some totally original collections of music and dance that will bring you the best and brightest of what UVU SoA has to offer. Come to a Jazz Jam, where audience members are invited to sit in with the band. Or experience the sparkle and pizzaz of a Ballroom concert. The amount of professional-level quality art you can consume as a student at UVU is astonishing. Take advantage!

Not to mention, the exciting touring shows that will be coming through, including a brand-new musical that will be premiering at The Noorda, ‘Fly More Than You Fall.’ The Utah Symphony will be playing favorites by John Williams - all your favorites from ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Indiana Jones’ and more! Broadway darling Bernadette Peters will be performing. Innovative dance teams that combine acrobatics with choreography will take the stage. Don’t miss out on all the incredible art.

It’s an exciting time to be a student, faculty or staff member of the UVU School of the Arts team. What are you most looking forward to?