Why live?

There is a lot of convenience in today’s art consumption. For one, a lot of it is free. Most of it is accessible on your handheld device absolutely anywhere you go. You can interact with and directly compliment artists you admire through social media. So why would you ditch your sweatpants and get in your car to experience art up close and personal?

Because there is simply nothing like it.

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of reading a Shakespeare play in an English class. It drags, meanders and confuses. Nothing feels emotional. Contrast that with seeing a well-directed Shakespeare play performed live. There are truly highs and lows, hilarious jokes, enviable romances. Suddenly it all clicks: this is how this was meant to be enjoyed.

Although having recordings of a favorite piece music is handy, in listening to it on the bus through your earbuds you miss out on something that can almost only be described as magic. Because there is a literal change in the air. You are feeling the vibrations of the music.

There is a sparkle that shimmers through the room as you share not only with the performers but your fellow audience members these intricate moments of unpredictable beauty. At any second, on the particular night you attend, you might be privy to a deviation in sound or intonation that creates a totally unique experience that nobody else will ever have. And at the end of a truly moving or thought-provoking piece, the chance to show your appreciation through a resounding round of applause is a community-building experience.

It’s far more immersive, sitting in a theater that deeply frowns on the use of cell phones or crossword puzzles. You get to let yourself be taken away by the art. During a play, you can find yourself so engrossed you forgot the real world existed, shocked by the return of the house lights for the requisite intermission.

Visual art is no exception. You may have a print of your favorite painting hanging in your room your entire life, but seeing it in real life gives it a dimension and a life that will simply take your breath away. To see the piece that was touched and created by the genius behind it gives you a sense of the dedication that individual has to their craft. The intricacy, the intentionality, it is all apparent when you can see it with your own eyes, no screens in between.

Your attendance at events and in galleries shows your commitment to the arts. By buying a ticket and showing up you have proven that you find value in storytelling, expression - music, dance, theater and art. At UVU, we are lucky to have not only world-class artists but now a beautiful building to house that talent. Overall, our entire academic season attendance was up - the arts are alive and well in Utah Valley.

Tell us about a time you were glad you saw something IRL!