We believe in the wonder of the arts

The Noorda Center for the Performing Arts celebrates wonder, through engaging world-class experiences curated for Utah Valley. Through collaboration that inspires professionals and students alike, the venue invites audiences to experience artists in unexpected ways. At The Noorda, you will have powerful experiences that will send you on your way to discovering new ways of thinking or feeling.

Featuring graceful aspiring artists whose performances are difficult to distinguish from professionals, we invite more of the community to experience high caliber artists in this arts hub at the center of the community. Wonder is merely a more mature form of magic that lasts beyond the moment. Wonder inspires, connects and lifts us to be more.

According to Philosophy Today, Aristotle said it was wonder that first lead to philosophy, since “a man who is puzzled things of himself as ignorant and philosophizes to escape from his ignorance.” Aquinas agreed, saying that philosophy comes from awe, and that poets are similar to philosophers in their love of myths and fables, and being “big with wonder.”

So what precisely is wonder?

“Wonder might be humanity’s most important emotion,” writes philosopher Jesse Prinz in this essay. “My favorite definition of wonder comes from Adam Smith. He wrote that wonder arises ‘when something quite new and singular is presented… [and] memory cannot, from all its stores, cast up any image that nearly resembles this strange appearance.’ Smith associated this quality of experience with a distinctive bodily feeling — ‘that staring, and sometimes that rolling of the eyes, that suspension of the breath, and that swelling of the heart.’”

Come experience the performing arts in a way unlike you have ever seen at UVU, and feel your heart swell. Whether dance, music or theater, the breathtaking building and stunning performances will leave you feeling wonder that will stay with you.