Woodbury Museum prepares for full calender

The museum has a full calendar of shows each year. With these exhibitions averaging one to three month runs, a lot of work occurs between the end of the current show and the start of the next. The museum generally schedules two weeks to turn around our galleries and finish all the details required to mount a show. Sometimes patrons visit the museum during these in-between periods and might wonder, “why is nothing up?”   

Yes, it can be quite blank between shows. But in reality the museum always has at least one exhibition on display so patrons won’t leave empty handed. When our walls seem bare and half the museum is roped off, we are installing. Installation involves white gloves, tape measurers, hammers & nails, a trusty level, and lots and lots of math.

Before we measure the overall dimensions of the art to be displayed, we have to lay out the show. Many museums use models or software programs to place the pieces in a mock gallery space before they are brought out to the actual gallery. This planning stage helps to ensure the exhibition will be successful, and cuts down on the amount of times the art is moved, which is the most dangerous situation for objects.

Hanging the newly arranged exhibition calls for a cohesive plan. This can include a strong overall theme, uniform lighting, informational text panels, and equal placement on the walls. Often times museums hang with a 58” center line, meaning the center of the piece sits 58” above the ground. Regardless of their dimensions, all pieces look in line because they share that center line. Once hung up the details come into play. Lighting involves heavy duty gloves to protect staff from the hot bulbs, and maybe filters to cut down on the number of foot-candles (a measurement for light) shining on sensitive pieces. Vinyl titles and object labels finish out the displays and help to educate the public. 

We have five installation breaks this year, so make sure you schedule your visit during our booked shows to make the most of your visit:

WAR-TOYS: Israel, West Bank and Gaza Strip, JAN 28-MAR16

Student Art Show & Bachelor of Fine Arts Final Projects, MAR 28-APR 22

Art of OUR CENTURY & Spotlight Artist: Marcus Vincent, JUNE 1-SEP 9

Faculty Show 2017, OCT 3-DEC 9

Fourth region (Section 1)