Dear Friend of Jazz:

Utah Valley University cordially invites you and your students to participate in this year's Ice Breaker Jazz Festival, held on Monday November 25, 2019 at the Noorda Center for the Performing Arts on our campus. This event is open to all high school and middle school jazz bands. Each performance will be followed by a 25-minute clinic with one of our featured clinicians. Bands will not receive official scores or ratings, but one band from each age category will be honored with an outstanding performance award and plaque.

Each ensemble should register for a thirty-minute time slot. Multiple ensembles from the same school are welcome to register for additional time slots. Bands are encouraged to listen to performances by other ensembles before and after their performance time.

The registration fee for each band is $150.00. This includes an audio recording of the performance, written and in-person feedback, and free student and director admission to the noon concert featuring the UVU Jazz Orchestra.

Please fill out the registration form and submit with credit card payment. Entries are due November 15 and will be considered in the order they are received. Slots fill up quickly, so please register early. We will confirm your registration, coordinate performance times, and provide additional instructions upon receipt of payment.

Please read through the UVU Festival Instruction Sheet for information on parking, student drop-off, and other on-campus information. Feel free to contact me directly with any other questions or concerns. I look forward to seeing you at the festival!

Gerhard Guter
Interim Director of Jazz and Contemporary Performance

Festival Instructions


  1. Buses: ***Please read carefully, as this replaces earlier information***. Please follow the bus drop off route to the City Bus Stop as marked on the first image and proceed to park off campus. Busses can return when it’s time to pickup their students. Buses pick up students from the same place and by approaching from the same direction. Please don’t block access to parking areas while waiting in line.
  2. Busses/Cars: Do not park at Walmart, vehicles will be booted, ticketed, and/or towed.
  3. Cars: With over 40,000 students there is limited parking on campus - directors, please do not drive your own vehicles. It is better for you to ride the bus with your students. If you must drive, a limited number of spaces may be available in Lot M29 (see second image). Do not park in any other lot, you will be ticketed.


Noorda Parking Map


Jazz Festival Parking


Performance Logistics

  1. Upon arrival at the Noorda Center for the Performing Arts, please check in at the festival desk and turn in your scores for the clinician. The person working the festival desk will take you to a storage area and will assign you a warm-up room. You will use the storage area for instrument cases, baggage, anything not used for performance, and to regroup following your clinic. You may want to bring a parent to watch over your students' belongings.
  2. When it is your turn to perform, a UVU host will escort you from warm-up to the stage.
  3. UVU will provide the following instruments and equipment on stage:
    1. 1 bass amplifier, 1 guitar amplifier, vibraphone, piano, risers, chairs, music stands, section microphones, vocal and conductor microphones, 1 drum set with cymbals (you may bring your own cymbals if desired)
    2. Please bring any additional instruments and equipment that you need including cords, extra percussion instruments, additional amplifiers, etc.
  4. Following your performance, you will be escorted to the clinic room where one of our clinicians will work with your band. After your clinic, you will receive your musical scores and written feedback. Following the festival, audio file links will be sent to the email address provided upon registration.
  5. I encourage you to schedule your day so you can hear some of the other groups at this year's festival. Much of the benefit of this festival comes from your students hearing other groups. It is also a more rewarding experience to perform for an audience.