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View of the front entrence to the Noorda center for the Performing Arts

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Use the UVU Campus Maps system to find locations of all building we use. Find parking and look at 360 panaramas of some of our locations.

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inside the halls of the Noorda center for the Performing Arts

Building Interior Maps

You can view maps made by Accessibility Services to find your way through our halls and buildings. These maps show elevator locations, weelchair enterences, and more.

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Off Campus

*These are off campus locations that allow us to perform at their location. Please contact the venue with any issues.

Covey Center for the Arts

The Covey Center for the Arts, is a year round performing arts facility featuring art displays, ballet productions, musical performances and theatrical plays in downtown Provo. The Eccles Gallery in the lobby of the 670-seat main performance hall displays the works of local artists. Adjacent to a second Secured Gallery of 1620 square feet, are three dance studios, ballet bars, mirrors and pianos for musical accompaniment. The Brinton Black Box Theater is an intimate 60-seat performance venue.

NuSkin Innovation Center Atrium

An elegant glazed spine, the Nu Skin Innovation Center Atrium acts as an entry hall, designed to host thousands of people from around the world, while accommodating multiple activities and events. A solid granite fountain, sculpted marble reception desk, and cantilevered concrete slab mark the auditorium space, containing more than 18,000 square feet, clad in maple wall and ceiling panels to create a warm and inviting interior performance space.

Orem Public Library

Located at 58 North State Street in Orem, at the north end of the Orem City Center Complex. Event parking is available on the east of the library building with accessible from 100 North.

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

Operating as an English~Spanish parish with ministry and outreach in both languages, while welcoming local parishioners, visitors and newcomers of all faiths. The centrally located St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church is the largest, and oldest, Catholic Church in Utah County.

St. Mary's Episcopal Church

First organized as an Episcopal mission in 1892, St, Mary's Episcopal Church was opened 1907. Built of English Gothic Design, with its definitive stained glass windows were installed between 1937-1949, the church is part of the Interfaith & Musical Exchange program in Utah County, hosting many interfaith worship services.