ACC - Academic Calendar Committee

2014 - 2015 Committee Members
Christa Albrecht-Crane 6286 College of Humanities & Social Sciences, Faculty
Maureen Andrade  6832 Academic Affairs, Associate Vice President
David R. Connelly  8642 Faculty Senate, President
Eva Bernfeld


Academic Scheduling & Curriculum, Director
(Academic Calendar Committee Chair)
Adam Black 6378 University College, Staff
Joshua Cieslewicz 6151 Woodbury School of Business, Faculty
Newell Dayley 7359 School of the Arts, Dean
JaNae Haas 8067 College of Humanities & Social Sciences, Faculty
Stan Harward 6571 School of Education, Associate Dean
Mallory Wallin 8732 UVUSA, Vice President of Academics
Rod Kendall 8826 College of Technology & Computing, Faculty
Brett McKeachnie 8940 PACE, President
Bruce Parker 8054 College of Science & Health, Faculty
LuAnn Smith 8472 Student Affairs, Registrar
Patrick Wilkey 6733 School of the Arts, Faculty
Tiffany Evans 5953  Summer Committee
Ruth Gowans 6216 Extended Studies, Associate Director