Academic Calendar Committee

The Academic Calendar Committee (ACC) is established under the direction of Academic Affairs. The Committee serves in an advisory capacity to President’s Council. The Committee is tasked with the following:
  • Oversee issues related to the academic calendar such as beginning and ending dates and holidays for each semester.
  • Conduct a review of the current academic calendar and establish academic calendars for 3 to 5 years in advance.
  • Review best practices and policies and make recommendations for the revisions to the academic calendar.

Appointed Members
Name   Position   Extension   Term
Shalece Nuttall   PACE President   x5582   2018
Jamie Johnson   School of the Arts   x6968   2018 
Kara Van De Graaf   College of Humanities & Social Sciences   x5509   2020 
Sandie Waters   School of Education    x   2018 
Chelsie Kraczek   Student at Large UVUSA    x   2018
Vern Hart   College of Science   x7017   2020 
Steven Allred   College of Health & Public Services   x7730   2020 
Max Aeschbacher   University College    x7217   2020 
Dan Hatch   College of Engineering & Technology   x5780    2020 
Mohsen Hamidi   Woodbury School of Business   x8858     
Committee Chair
Tiffany Evans   Director Program Completion   x5453    
Standing Members
David Connelly   Assoc VP Academic Programs   x6832     
Frank Young   Assoc VP Facilities   x7202    
Andrew Stone   Asst VP Recruitment & Outreach   x6376    
Eric Humphrey   Senior Registrar   x8348    
LuAnn Smith   Registrar   x8472    
Lisa Price   Asst Registrar   x8247