UVU Curriculum Approval Workflow

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UVU's curriculum process is driven by Curriculum policy, Board of Regents policies and NW Commission on Colleges and Universities accreditation standards. Individual departments and programs may be further influenced by additional accrediting bodies. Perhaps one of the most perplexing questions that arises concerning the curriculum process is, "How long will it take?"  The time necessary to take an item from idea to classroom will vary depending on the nature of the curriculum action. It might take as little as 16 months, but could require as much as 37 months or more.

Did you know that the Board of Regent's policy (R401) identifies more than twenty specific curriculum actions? Adding new certificates or degrees, discontinuing existing programs of study, creating Institutes or Centers, changing degree names, restructuring existing program or administrative units are just a few of the actions that fall under what we generally call "curriculum."