Curriculum Limited Option

Utilizing a Curriculum Limited Option (CLO) will allow a course to be offered twice without formal Curriculum Committee approval. If you wish a course to be considered by the College Curriculum Committee, you must submit a curriculum proposal in COMET.


Purpose and Guidelines

The purpose of the Curriculum Limited Option (CLO) is to try/offer NEW courses without formal Curriculum Committee approval.

Curriculum Limited Options apply to NEW COURSES ONLY with the following exclusions:

  • CANNOT be used for courses intended to be GE (General Education) or G/I (Global/Intercultural).
  • CANNOT be used to make course MODIFICATIONS and DELETIONS.
  • CANNOT be used to develop a REQUIRED COURSE in a program.
  • CANNOT be used to develop courses that are CROSS-LISTED with existing courses.
  • CANNOT be used to develop courses that have COURSE FEES attached.
  • CANNOT be used to develop 6000 LEVEL COURSES.

NOTE: CLO courses can be offered a MAXIMUM OF 2 TIMES (3 if submitted for formal approval already and if an extension is requested by the department and then approved by the AVPAA).


Steps for completing the CLO

  1. Download and complete the CLO form (updated September 2014).  Note:  Microsoft Excel is required to open and modify this form. Contact the Service Desk for assistance.
  2. Change the name of the worksheet tab to the Prefix and Number for this proposal (i.e. ENGL 4270). The printed copy utilizes the tab name in the footer.
  3. Print the completed form.
  4. Obtain the required signatures listed on the form.
  5. Submit completed form to the Curriculum Manager for processing.

Upon approval, your course will be added to the Banner catalog. A separate class scheduling sheet will need to be submitted to Academic Scheduling before the course can be added to the schedule.