Master Room List
Academic Classrooms / Labs

The Master Room List  (current 12-Sep-2017) lists seat limits, main furniture types, and special media for all main campus classrooms and labs.  It also includes high schools and other off-campus locations used by concurrent enrollment and extended education programs.  This list is not all-inclusive and is subject to change without notice.



BA    Browning Administration   ME   McKay Education
CB    Classroom Building
  NB    Nellesen Center for Autism
CL    Culinary Arts Institute   NG    National Guard
CS    Computer Science & Engineering   RL   Rebecca Lockhart Arena
EC    UCCU Events Center   PS    Pope Science
EE    Extended Education   SA    Sparks Automotive
EN    Environmental Technology   SB    Science Building
ES    Emergency Services   SC 
  Sorensen Student Center
FL   Fulton Library   SLWC   Student Life & Wellness Center
GT     Gunther Technology   TGPT    Thanksgiving Point (Lehi, UT)
HP   Health Professions   WB    Woodbury Business
LA   Liberal Arts   WC   Wasatch Campus (Heber, UT)
LC   Losee Center   WS    Wolverine Service Center



  • Academic Scheduling, in cooperation with Facilities, Event Services, and Media Services, conducts campus-wide room audits of academic classrooms, labs, conference rooms, fitness/dance rooms, and concourses. All accommodations will be validated, including: maximum student capacity, furniture type, room configuration, media equipment, lab equipment, fire exits, windows, etc.
  • Having accurate information about what is available helps us improve our services to the campus.  This project is conducted annually during the summer semester, and every effort is made to avoid classes in session. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.
  • Academic Scheduling is not authorized to increase the capacity of any space without the Fire Marshal's review and approval. Fire Marshal evaluations are extensive and are not taken lightly. For more information, contact UVU's Police Department.