Scheduling Policy & Procedure


Academic Scheduling (for credit classes)
   The Utah State Board of Regents requires each institution to provide appropriate means for approving and scheduling the use of campus facilities.  Refer to UVU's Policy Manual, 425 - Scheduling Campus Facilities, which outlines the entities responsible for scheduling university facilities and the importance of adhering to requirements.
Course Fees
  Academic departments who wish to add/modify/cancel course fees, lab access fees, and/or software access fees must submit a request form to the Course Fee Review Committee Secretary by the stated deadline each semester.
Add Course Sections*
  Use this online form to submit class section add requests (password protected area available to authorized schedulers only).
Change / Cancel Course Sections
    If any changes become necessary AFTER your final proofing report has been submitted, simply email your request to  To avoid unnecessary delays, always include the action needed, semester, subject, course, and section information.

As Academic Scheduling is frequently processing in 4+ semesters at any given time, it is critical that the information you provide is complete and accurate.  Please do not send requests for multiple semesters in the same email.
Proofing Report
  Procedures include sample reports and a description of each field.  The Reports link is a password protected area available to authorized schedulers only.  
Enrollments in Courses (Banner Self-Service)
  A comprehensive list that includes canceled and "no web display" course sections (excluded from Student views).
Instructor Verification
  Approved Schedulers use the Instructor Verification tool to add and modify Instructor assignments for class sections.

Version 1.0 of the online Class Scheduling Add form has some limitations:
  • Academic Scheduling cannot see what tracking number was assigned to whose data entry. If you forget to write it down, we cannot locate it.
  • Each time you click "Save Partial Entry", a new tracking number is assigned.
  • If for any reason your browser is closed during data entry and you did not click "Save Partial Entry" first, your work cannot be retrieved.
  • Tracking numbers are not included in the form data sent to Academic Scheduling. Please do not refer to an ADD request using a tracking number. Always refer to the term, subject, course, and section information.