Scheduling Tools

unchecked    Add, Change, or Cancel Course Sections
         NEW!  CLSS- CourseLeaf Scheduling Tool   (available for initial proofing)
         OLD!  Class Scheduling - ADD Form  (available after initial proofing)

Email with any change or cancel requests after the initial proofing period.
Always include the action needed, semester, subject, course, and section information.

unchecked   Approved Scheduling Rules (w/Canvas Charges)
     201730 - 201820
     201830 - 201920
unchecked   Contact Hour Requirements
unchecked   Course & Lab Fees
         Course/Lab Fee Request form
         Index Audit form
         Active course fees by semester:
             201820         201830         201840
unchecked   Dynamic Schedule - A real-time listing of class sections
unchecked   Institutional Research & Information 
         Schedule Type Codes 
         Instructional Method Codes
unchecked   Instructor Verification Tool
unchecked   Master Room List
unchecked   Part of Term Codes
unchecked   Policies & Guidelines
         425:  Scheduling Campus Facilities 
         601:  Classroom Instruction and Management
         607:  Course-Based Fees for Credit Courses 
         Academic Scheduling Guidelines:  TBA 
unchecked   Section Numbering Rules
unchecked    Session Codes
unchecked   Standard Start Times
       Fall & Spring - Semester
         Fall & Spring - Block
         Summer - Semester
         Summer - Block